Thursday, November 30, 2006

Victory Speech

30 days and 9,500 words later, I have fulfilled my NaBloPoMo obligations.

I'd like to thank God that it's over.

I'd also like to thank my husband for not complaining too loudly when he was forced to wear non-matching socks in the absence of any freshly laundered matches.

I can't forget my dog, who ate poop just so I'd have something to write about.

Thanks also go out to Blogger for unveiling a beta version that ate up at least one of my posts and ensured that anyone trying to stay abreast of my site via Bloglines got the shaft. I eat your hate like love*.

And the one to whom I owe it all: The Boss. You're the reason I started blogging. More than ever, I am truly me because of you. Thank you for being there. Thank you for not being there. Thank you for thanking me.

*Current Google research indicates this quote is attributable to the band Bikini Kill, but it came to me on the penultimate page of an issue of Sassy Magazine circa 1990.


lildb said...

ahhhh, Sassy. Ohhhh, Bikini Kill.

(ask me sometime about the night I fell asleep on a comfy padded bench at a Bikini Kill show at the X-Ray cafe. it's a really fabulous story. see, I fell asleep at the show, and I was lying on this -- um, -- )

I'm at least as glad as you are that you blog. maybe even more so.

and you didn't even have to cough up a phlegm globber to impress me. although, if you'd shown up with a cup of big blue in your hands, I'd have wondered.

great pate, gotta motor if I'm gonna make my date with tv tonight.

jen said...

you all did it. congrats on the crazy was fun watching you all band together and stick with it...

but now our expectations are SO HIGH.

Mrs. Chicken said...

"Looks like we made it ..."

A little Barry Manilow as an antidote to your Bikini Kill.

Whew, girlie. Please keep blogging as often as you can. You are the wind beneath my wings ...

Gah, I'm getting carried away.

Jenifer said...

I enjoyed each and every one of your 30 posts this month..... keep em comin!!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Whoohoo! You made it! Congrats, now take a break.

Oh wait, you didn't take a break, did you? Now I have to go read your Blog Exchange post because, woman, you are a machine!