Monday, August 06, 2007

A Few Follow-Ups on a Toddler's Emerging Personality

1. The Boss is still sorry. As sweet and contrite as the day is long, she went so far as to apologize to the crows in the middle of the road that were forced to scatter as we drove through. "Sorry, birds!" The Boss chirped from her car seat. "Sorry birds! Sorry!"

2. The Boss still won't say yes, no matter how enticing the prize. The other night when The Partner got home from work, he asked our sweet girl if she wanted a climbing barn. Her response was an enthusiastic and true-to-form "okay!" Not yes. Not yes, please. Just okay.

The Partner just rolled his eyes. "Do me a favor, why don't you?"

3. She is still thankful. She began saying "thank you" at eleven months and, except for a brief hiatus, continues to this day. She's actually a bit overzealous. Sometimes she says it when she gives something to me, when all I am doing is taking it and no thanks are in order. I should be the one expressing gratitude. And I do.

Thanks for being you, okay? Don't ever be sorry about that.


Lawyer Mama said...

Too funny! My oldest, Hollis, wouldn't say yes for the longest time. So frustrating! They sense your eagerness and stomp on it as only toddlers can do.

Boz said...

I believe I have figured out why The Boss said, "Yes." to me this past weekend.

Instead of asking her if she would like something, ask her if she likes something. For example, you ask her, "Would you like some milk?"
Try instead, "Do you like milk?"
You see? You cannot respond to the generalized query with an okay. It's purely yes, no, or explanation required (i.e. I'm allergic mommy).

It's worth a shot.

slouching mom said...

Damn, Binky, that was good. I went from laughing to feeling so very sad at that last sentence.

Binky said...

Boz, that didn't work when I tried it today. We were at the bookstore and I said something like "do you like books?" and she said, "okay."
Okay was not even an option. I don't get her.

Mom101 said...

I love when Thalia says thank you as she gives me something. Sometimes it's warranted though, like when she spits out food, passes it to me in her hand, and says "thank you!"

Jenifer said...

Two is such a great age..
Paige will be three this Saturday and if my experience is anything, this will be when your daughter truly lives up to her name... Paige definitely thinks she's The Boss.

I thought 3 was supposed to be easier than 2???

Oh and on an unrelated note.... I am now expecting #3, so hurry up and get your groove on so I can have some more pregnant compadres!!

Jerri said...

This reminded me of my 2 1/2 year old who is stubborn as the day is long. When he burps or passes gas for that matter, he announces it. A couple of weeks ago while he was announcing his latest accomplishment, a loud burp, we urged at him to say excuse me asking "what are you suppose to say?" His answer after several inquiries was "NOT excuse me". Lovely!

binkytown said...

No worries. She'll wake up one day saying yes (and NO) to everything and REFUSE to say she's sorry. Evah. Then that too, will fade into something new.

Mrs. Chicken said...

The Poo says thank you all the time. Her newest thing is to burst into hysterical tears at the slightest gentle reprimand and wail, "I'm so sorry, mama!"


I really, really love this post. Loved the climbing barn one, too. Your words and style get sharper all the time.

Jene said...

i don't know why this cracks me up so much, but i can just picture her running around saying, "sorry!" i'm amused. :-)

Boz said...

Well, I gave it a shot. :(